Mill House Remodel

Reviving History: Mill House, Bend, Oregon

In the transformation of this originally eclectic Mill House, our vision was to seamlessly marry the old with the new. The home, once a patchwork of additions over the years, underwent a comprehensive gutting, allowing us to vault the once-low ceilings and create a distinctive floor plan.

Our primary goal was to salvage and repurpose elements of the original structure, preserving its historical character. The interior design speaks to the old world while infusing contemporary touches. The choice to leave salvaged shiplap walls exposed adds rustic authenticity, while a custom-made bathroom vanity crafted from the salvaged shiplap pays homage to the home’s heritage.

The kitchen underwent a remarkable transformation, embracing an industrial aesthetic that marries functionality with style. A striking custom-made sliding barn door was introduced, opening up a room to the dining area for versatile use.

Resourcefulness played a key role in maintaining an affordable budget for this project. We scoured for slab remnants and utilized reclaimed appliances, demonstrating our commitment to sustainability and cost-effectiveness. The Mill House renovation now stands as a testament to the art of balancing history and innovation in home design.