In the world of interior design, I’m Melanie Buccola, and I’m here to bring your visions to life with a genuine touch, unmatched confidence, and an unwavering commitment to making your space uniquely yours.

About Me: Melanie Buccola – Interior Designer in Bend, Oregon

Talent, authenticity, confidence, and a natural flow define my journey as an interior designer. With a Bachelor’s degree in Interior Design and another in Housing Design, I’ve honed my skills over the years to create spaces that truly speak to the soul.

My design story began in the private aircraft industry, where I had the privilege of crafting luxurious interiors for Heads of State from around the world. It was an experience that shaped my understanding of opulence, precision, and the importance of every detail.

As a business owner for a decade, I focused on interior design and staging, though staging has since taken a back seat in my journey. In 2008, I made the move to Bend, Oregon, a place that resonated with me as my childhood hometown of Baker City. Bend felt like home, and it’s where I’ve continued to build my career.

One of my guiding principles is to support local businesses when designing, particularly when it comes to furnishings. This not only helps the community but also adds an authentic touch to the spaces I create.

What truly ignites my passion is the on-site process. It’s where the magic happens, where challenges arise, and where teamwork and quick thinking turn obstacles into opportunities. Working in collaboration with clients and tackling issues head-on is where the designs come to life.

My design style is a reflection of my personality – clean, clutter-free, and focused on points of interest. I celebrate craftsmanship and architectural features. Light fixtures and pops of color bring energy to my designs. Above all, comfort and functionality are non-negotiable.

Travel sparks my creative inspiration, pushing me to explore a more creative and eclectic style. I’m drawn to creating spaces that tell a story. Much like an adventure in a new city, I encourage clients to be brave, to take risks and make their spaces unique.

To recharge my creativity, I find solace in the outdoors – whether it’s camping, hiking, biking, or paddleboarding. Gardening, spending time with my family, embarking on road trips, and delving into a good book all add layers to my inspiration and perspective.

In the world of interior design, I’m Melanie Buccola, and I’m here to bring your visions to life with a genuine touch, unmatched confidence, and an unwavering commitment to making your space uniquely yours.

Mission Statement:

At the heart of my design philosophy is a deep commitment to creating spaces that authentically embody the essence of the individuals who inhabit them. I derive immense joy from the journey of design, a journey that involves the meticulous uncovering of patterns and the gradual unveiling of the final vision. Through a harmonious blend of insightful questions, thorough research, and intricate layering, I embark on a quest to unveil the vital needs and desires of my clients.

My mission is to craft an experience that transcends the ordinary, one that awakens the senses and fosters an emotional connection between the space and its inhabitants. I believe that a well-designed space should speak to the heart and soul, evoking a profound sense of belonging and harmony.

I am devoted to ensuring that my clients not only embrace the journey of design but also fall in love with the outcome of their projects. It is my fervent desire that they become as excited as I am about the transformation of their spaces. My mission is to make this process an unforgettable and deeply satisfying adventure, where every detail is thoughtfully considered, and every design choice is an expression of your unique identity.

Featured Projects

We’ve had the pleasure of working with Melanie on multiple home projects, and we can’t say enough good things about her and her work.  We have the opportunity to work with a lot of designers, and hands down Melanie is the best to work with. She’s fun to be around, she has an amazing design sense, and she is highly organized and prompt with her deliverables.  She puts together fantastic design schemes that don’t break the bank, which I greatly appreciate. She is always in tune with the project budget constraints, yet makes the projects look and feel like they spent so much more. She makes our job as a builder SO much easier, and they always look incredible.

-Bart Mitchell
 Owner, Stillwater Construction