Wilderness Meets Luxury: The Lodge at 58°North, Alaska

A remote Alaskan fishing retreat tailored for unforgettable fly fishing adventures. From acquisition to the arrival of the first guests in just 10 months, this project involved a comprehensive transformation. The existing cabins underwent a meticulous remodel, creating a fresh and inviting atmosphere for guests seeking a unique Alaskan experience.

Central to the project was the construction of a new lodge, designed as a communal space for storytelling and relaxation, offering the comforts of home within the context of a high-end lodge. Collaborating closely with the lodge owners, we navigated the intricate logistics of delivering materials to this remote location. This included overcoming the challenge of -50°C temperatures during the winter season, requiring interior material selections capable of withstanding extreme conditions when the lodge is closed.

To ensure durability and comfort for the long term, we provided all furnishings, taking into account the cost and time required to transport them to this remote Alaskan setting. The logistics involved loading everything into a shipping container, with some items even arriving via float plane—an extraordinary accomplishment in the face of numerous challenges. The Lodge at 58°North stands as a testament to our ability to overcome logistical hurdles and deliver an exceptional design in the heart of the Alaskan wilderness.